Feb 20, 2016

Mitty: All of Mitty Brushes & Case Review

Hello everyone! For today's post I have a review on these awesome brushes from a new-to-me brand called Mitty. Now I can honestly say I'm pretty excited to review these babies, since I'm always trying to find some good quality nail art brushes (I have a art brush obsession ).
So here's a little history behind these brushes:
"Mitty is an Australian brand, founded in 2014 by Mitra Burns. The Brand name Mitty is short for Mitra. I came about the concept for Mitty whilst in hospital for an extended period of time. I had a Kidney transplant. So I had lots of time to browse through Instagram....I thought seriously how is a girl supposed to have fantastic looking nails when the tools just don’t make the grade. After months of research, I discovered the best nail artists and top nail art designers only use Kolinsky hair tools. I decided to share this with as many people I could that love nail art and deserve to use the best."
This limited edition bag contains Mitty's best quality nail art brush sets. It's probably one of my faves and perfect for on the go and those planned vacations. The outside of the bad is made of faux leather whilst the insides is made of a nice fabric.
Lots of Dots- dotting tools are always great for creating the perfect dots, whichever the size. I mostly love to create the smaller versions more, than the larger versions. So this dotting is just perfect for those small dots. Even random designs without using a detail brush (shown in the picture below).

Angle Me- is a really small flat brush, with a slightly angular shape. Which also can be use for many different art work or even for clean up. For this brush, I wanted to create a few daisies and leaves using the tip of the brush (shown in the picture below).
Fabulously Flat- is a flat brush it's probably one of the most common brushes for clean up or those beautiful one strokes design. For the brush, I wanted to create one of my favorite designs, inspired by The Nailasarus: Streaky Watercolor Plaid (shown in the picture below).
I'm Fan-tastic- I think one of the most important brushes needed for every beginner or nail artist, is definitely a fan brush. In many ways they are great for removing excess glitter or even creating tweed nails (shown in the picture below).
Stripy Glamour-  Now for this brush it's a little longer and much more thicker than some of my detail brushes. This is perfect to create outlines on a design, circles or even larger art work. With this brush I added a few more lines for the tweed.

Shape n Lines- this detail brush is angled differently, which is perfect for florals designs, leaves, swirls etc. Shown in the picture below, I used this brush to create the roses, the tips for the highlights and for the leaves.
Overall I really enjoyed using these bushes and plan on creating more nail designs using them. Its very important to keep the caps on all of the brushes. These are really good from keeping the brushes straight whilst storing them. The bag is another perfect way to store them and keep them safe. All of Mitty brushes and case retail for $59.95 AUD and free shipping worldwide. 

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Facebook: Mitty Nailart

Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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