Nov 20, 2016

Mitty | Detail Brushes Set Review

Hello everyone! I know it's been long since my last post. School, work and pretty much life has taken a toll on me, and it was getting hard for me to do my nails. I'm hoping I get back in track, bare with me guys. 😊 
 So for today's post, I have some (really overdue) exciting products from Mitty. I for one previously enjoyed their products, and this is one I was looking forward to try. I'm utterly obsessed in finding the perfect nail brushes. You wouldn't believe my brush collection, there's so many many to count.
However, finding decent fine brushes, for those perfect lines and nail art, is really hard. As described Mitty website:
These detailed brushes have  tiny bristles, each with a different length.The bristles are the highest quality possible, you cannot get any better. You can create beautifully thin lines, with amazing detail. 
Along with the brushes itself, the colors are even worthy of purchase, rather than any plain dark color.  So lets get to it:

Sep 15, 2016

Nicole Dairy| Water Decals Review

Hello lovely readers! Summer is nearly ending (next week) and I really don't want miss-out on showing you guys a few summery designs. For today's post, I have some cute water decals from a new-to me online shop called Nicole Dairy. Now water decals are very popular this year, and I completely understand. They are just fun, easy to apply and very affordable.
So I was really excited to pick out a few of the designs sold on Nicole Dairy site. Now water decals are stickers that are "activated" by soaking them in water for just 15-30 seconds. This makes the decal slightly sticky, which allows them to adhere to the nail. The 5 designs, I choose at the time, would be perfect during the summer or whatever seasons are in. So lets get to it:

Sep 4, 2016

Live.Love.Polish | Starrliy & F.U.N Lacquer Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! I really excited for today's post, I have some glittery polishes for review from Live.Love.Polish. They carry several brands both indies and mainstream brands online. I've heard about them a lot on instagram and the infamous UNT Peel Off Base Coat (which I would really want try, unfortunately they are out of stock at the time). So you can understand my excitement when I finally have the chance to review some of the polishes they sell.
The polishes arrived in a medium-sized box and are tucked carefully in nail polish storage foam (which reminds me of Color Clutch). The three sets I was sent for review, are all holographic polishes from Starrily Nail Lacquer and F.U.N Lacquer (which I wanted to try so badly). So lets get to it:

Aug 22, 2016

Mitty | Flawless Finish Peel Off Mani Tape Review

**Products Provided**
Hello everyone! For today's post, I have some (overdue) exciting products from Mitty. Now this is the second time I've reviewed for this brand and was excited to try out some of their new products. Lately, the liquid latex has been dominating the nail art clean-up, but I think there are some new competition, these Flawless Finish peel mani tapes.
These Flawless peel-off mani tapes are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, latex-free, and recyclable. Unfortunately, they are not re-usable, but with every purchase you will receive 3 packs which is exciting. 
Here's a little more about the peel-off:
"Flawless finish by Mitty makes every Mani design possible. Just imagine, no mess, you can stamp, you can ombre, apply lots and lots of glitter...With Flawless Finish by Mitty the only limitation is your imagination, so, design with confidence, clean up is taken care of, you can achieve that Flawless clean finished look."