Aug 22, 2016

Mitty | Flawless Finish Peel Off Mani Tape Review

**Products Provided**
Hello everyone! For today's post, I have some (overdue) exciting products from Mitty. Now this is the second time I've reviewed for this brand and was excited to try out some of their new products. Lately, the liquid latex has been dominating the nail art clean-up, but I think there are some new competition, these Flawless Finish peel mani tapes.
These Flawless peel-off mani tapes are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, latex-free, and recyclable. Unfortunately, they are not re-usable, but with every purchase you will receive 3 packs which is exciting. 
Here's a little more about the peel-off:
"Flawless finish by Mitty makes every Mani design possible. Just imagine, no mess, you can stamp, you can ombre, apply lots and lots of glitter...With Flawless Finish by Mitty the only limitation is your imagination, so, design with confidence, clean up is taken care of, you can achieve that Flawless clean finished look."

Aug 20, 2016

Bundle Monster: Festival Collection Nail Art Water Transfer Decals | 5 sheet Set Review

Hey everyone! For today's post I have some fabulous water nail transfers from Bundle Monster. For the past few months I've been waiting for the right time to create some designs using these (surely I'm not the only one out there...don't you hate when that happens).
However looking through some Pinterest inspirations, I finally had an epiphany and made up a few suitable for the decals. Knowing these where picked because of the famous festival in Cali, these are definitely fun designs for any occasion. The Festival Collection Nail Art Decals come is a 5 sheet set with different designs.

Aug 13, 2016

Salon Perfect | Nail Polishes Swatches & Review + Nail Art

Hello everyone! Summer is not over yet and some are already preparing for school (I know I am, preparing my classroom). For today's post I have a review from a new-to-me brand Salon Perfect Summery nail polishes. Now I've seen and heard of this brand before, which are sold exclusively at Walmart, I was pretty excited to have the chance to try them myself.
So for this review Salon Perfect sent some amazing polishes that are just perfect for the summer. Some of which I can see myself wearing throughout the seasons. The polishes I received are part of their 16' Neon Pop! and Rockin’ the Red, White & Blue. Plus their 2-in-1 Base/Top Coat, which I used in all of the swatches and designs. Now for the beauties:

Aug 11, 2016

Bundle Monster: Electro Glo Collection Stamping Polishes Review

 Hey everyone! For today's post I have some amazing stamping polishes from Bundle Monster the Weekend Warrior Set. I for one have a hard time finding the perfect stamping polish or polishes that actually stamp. Probably one the most frustrating things about stamping. So I was really excited to see a lot of upcoming polishes that can stamp and/or regular polishes.
Before I begin, I want to apologize for not posting as often. Things have been very hectic for the past few months with technical and family issues that needed my attention. Not only I returned back to school, so some of my nail and product reviews were delayed for quite some time. However, now things are official settled and hopefully I will be able to get back on track.
One of those sets are these babies here. The Weekend Warrior are bright and perfect for the upcoming seasons. They have a distinct smell to them and are a little on the thick side for me, but if you can by-pass that, then they're perfect stamping polishes. I stamped all of the designs below with Bundle Monster mega stamper and card scraper. Let's get to it: