May 1, 2016

Pueen: Lover Plate Collection | Love Box 02

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 Hello everyone! It's May and its a not a beautiful today. So I rather much stay at home and play will my nails, since I finally have some down time. So for today's post I have some really cute stamping plates from, a not so new, but a new-to-me brand Pueen. I've seen many reviews from other bloggers on Instagram, so I was really excited to finally try out some of their products. 
Stamping is a such a fun way to create easy and fun designs. So this is such a perfect set of stamping plates with a variety of patterns for all occasions. So of-course I 
create many designs, especially using their stamper and scraping card (which comes in with the plates).  So lets Get to it:
PUEEN Fairytale Lover 02
Is such a fun stamping with so many cute designs, especially for the upcoming season. 
For this look, I wanted to create something I would definitely wear on Valentines Day or use different shades of color for a fun "hearty" look. For the base I used LVX Mondarin. Once completely dried I then applied Pueen Super Intense: 806 Pure White over the heart design and sealed it with top coat.
For this look, I wanted to try one of the designs off the package...strawberry nails. I've been meaning to create strawberry nails freehand, however, as busy I have been this was the easiest to do. I create gradient with some of the shades from OPI New Orleans Collection. Once completely dried,  I then stamped the design with two tones of green shades and sealed with top coat. 
PUEEN Fancy Lover 02
The title says it all...
For this look, I wanted to create something bright and fun to wear. I first applied two coats of Pueen Super Intense: 805 Black Jack for the base. I then added some of the different colors of BMC Weekend Warrior Stamping Polish and sealed it with Essie Matte About You
For this look, I wanted to create something that resembled peacock colors. For the base I applied two coats of Make Me Cosmetics Surfboard!. I added a few brush strokes using Make Me Cosmetics Make'em WonderOnce dried I stamped the pattern with a gold polish and added a few droplet studs, sealed with top coat. 
PUEEN Geo Lover 02
Is one of my favorites, since I love all geometric designs.
For this look, I went for a black and gold design. First I applied two coats of Pueen Super Intense: 805 Black Jack. Once completely dried I then applied a coat of Zoya 18k Gold Flakes Top Coat and then stamped the pattern with a gold stamping polish. Sealing it with top coatI then added a little triangle stud on each nail. 
Now for this look, I created a fun marble design and simple black pattern over it. For the base I used assorted colors from dark/ light purple and pink. Once the base was dried, I stamped the design using
 Pueen Super Intense: 805 Black Jack and sealed them with top coat. 
PUEEN Nature Lover 02
Is a lovely plate with all nature based and of-course a splatter design. Perfect for the spring.
  Butterfly nails is one of those designs I've never tried to do. For the base I sponge s gradient using  Make Me Cosmetics Coke Body and Sun Kisses. Once dried I then used Pueen Super Intense: 805 Black Jack to stamped the pattern and sealed it with Essie Matte About You
For this look, I wanted to use the splatter pattern. Honestly I don't understand what splatters has to do with "Nature", however, it was pretty fun to see what I can come up with. I began with a Make Me Cosmetics Heels on Wheels and used Promise Me ForeverPueen Super Intense: 805 Black Jack and Super Intense: 806 Pure White and sealed with top coat. 
  Overall the plates are all beautiful and wonderful to work with. Every image were just perfect and transfer nice and crisp. I would definitely recommend these to everyone! Each are sold separately for $4.99 and/or as a set at Pueen for $18.99.
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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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