Mar 30, 2016

GERmanikure: Crystal Glass File & Cuticle Nail Nippers Review

 **Products Provided** 
 Hey everyone! I am definitely ready for some spring-time mani's and cleanup. For the past week I've been struggling in trying to get my computer fixed (yet again), but I think it's back to normal. For today's post I have a review on something, I think, all beginners and intermediate need in their nail care kits: a glass nail file and cuticle nipper.
Here are some products I received from a new-to me brand called GERmanikure. This is actually the first time I've heard of this brand and I was very excited to see what they're about. The company based in Florida is the exclusive seller of GERmanikure products. 

Zamberg is dedicated to selling products created by skilled and reliable craftsman. They even reject the practice of products produced in third-world countries to underpaid and underage workers. At the beginning of this year they donated a portion of their sales to families in Pakistan and Vietnam who were victims of child labor. As a preschool teacher, knowing this about the company made me very excited to try out the products. So lets get to it:
I normally do not use cuticle clippers, but at times I do feel the need to trim most of my dead skin and hangnails. Therefore, I was in need for a new cuticle nippers. For a long time I've used the same cuticle nippers that weren't working out so well, so these came out in handy. The cuticle nippers I received is made out with modern high carbon stainless, which makes their clippers last. It's hand sharpened to a 5mm precise edge, for a more aggressive cut and steeper angle. These are made under ethical conditions in Germany. (Sale: $34.95)
The next product I received is their crystal glass file. I have to admit I normally use the cheaper kind of filers, and sometimes they work. However when I finally used this glass file, it made a major difference. The long-lasting glass nail file helps prevent the nail from splitting and peeling. It can also be washed and sanitized. The crystal glass nail file are made in Czech Republic from thick Bohemian glass and formulated again breaking. Even though the glass specially to resit from breaking, the leather casing helps protect and enhance clarity. (Sale: $8.46)
Overall I really enjoyed using these products. You can defiantly tell the differences in quality. If your interested or use cuticle nippers and glass files, you can purchase their products here. I would even recommend on checking out more of their other products, plus it will be going for a great cause.

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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today!
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