Jun 11, 2015

byAlegory Organizers Review

  Hey everyone! Gosh it feels like August today in New Jersey, but it was a fun day for my students since it was water day. Even under the mist of this muggy weather, I thought why not start some summer cleaning in my art room. A few weeks ago I received an exciting mail from byAlegory Organizers.
 They provide products all about organization; weather it is makeup, brushes or assorted nail art products and polishes. I have to admit, this is actually the first time I ever have acrylic organizers.
I've been very curious and always wanted to purchase one, but I never had the funds. However, when the opportunity came to review these babies of-course I said yes!

 This acrylic vanity display is the perfect organizer for my polishes or more like for my "to swatch display". During the process of organizing my polishes, I notice I had enough room for more polishes. I even noticed these are not just for polishes, these are also perfect for makeup too!
The display can hold 36 polishes and comes in 6 different colors. For this review I choose a clear base, since I like the see through look, and most of all, fits perfectly on my desk. You can now purchase them here for $16.99.
Now one of the hardest things, for me, to organize were my nail art brushes. However, I never thought to use a lip liner organizer for as a nail too organizer. One of the best things, it definitely fits perfectly on my desk.

This acrylic lip/eye display is the perfect organizer for the rest of my brushes, cleaners and many more of my nail art tools. I only wish I can have another of these for more "obsessive" collection of brushes lol.
The display can hold 26 space storage and comes in 6 different colors. For this review, I choose a clear base, more a less, to match my new nail polish vanity. You can now purchase them here for $21.99.
I absolutely love how wonderful these organizers turned out! They looked amazing on my desk and perfectly holds the items needed. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of these organizers, I recommend them. These organizers are now available here, with more styles and colors.

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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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