May 11, 2015

It's a Nail Wraps Review

Hey everyone! It's such a beautiful day today, hope you guys had a lovely Mother's Day. So for today's post I have some really cute and fun looking nail wraps for review, from It's a Nail! by Incoco.Wraps and nail strips are absolutely everywhere. I can't say I never tried nail wraps or that I don't like them, because truly I really do.
I mostly enjoy nail wraps is how easy and quick they are to use and apply. However it's pretty much one of the toughest things to decided, among so many brands and style. So I'm always open to try them all, especially these beautifully designed nail wraps from It's a Nail.
What I didn't realize about nail polish strips is that some companies, like It's a Nail, are actually using real polish to create their. Initially opening the package, which is sealed up air-tight, a poof of air that carries that distinctive polish smell.
When you use real polish to create nail strips, your result is much more real. The three nail appliques I choose to review are part of their 16 double ended manicure set. They also have 4 double ended nail accent set (shown on the first photo). Within the package, you will receive, a nail file and instructions on how to apply.
The nail wraps I applied is called Playing Along- a really fun and bright mix-match tribal print, which I accented the ring finger with 32 Flavors of Nail Candy Teenage Love Affair.
The second is a beautiful purple glittery ombre effect called Your Majesty. This one is just perfect for any occasion: wedding, parties or even the prom. I had a hard time applying the applique on my pinky, so I applied two coats of purple polish.
Lastly, and my favorite, is Tea Party. I had this one on for almost a few days. I even get some great compliments on them. It's super girly and fun to wear. These are perfect for those lazy days, when you just don't feel like crating some freehand floral designs. On the ring finger I waned to accent it with Julep Amanda.
Below is a video hoe to apply and remove these wraps, credited: It's a Nail! Which you can see in the beginning of their site. 
Overall, I really enjoyed the wraps and the designs they have to offer. I had no problem with shrinkage, however, I only wished they fit my nails perfectly. They now retail in there site: It's a Nail, for $7.99 and $3.99 for the accent nail appliques.
 For more info and pictures you can follow them:
Instagram: It's a Nail!
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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