Apr 4, 2015

OMG Nail Strips: LED Nail Decal Review

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Hey everyone! Getting ready for Easter and what a better way to do that by lighting up my nails OMG Nail Strips new product: LED Nail Decal! These little trinkets are getting really popular, and I can see way. They are super fun to use, especially making the nails light up.
These are really cute LED lights that work with NFC technology. The LED strip is a little tiny chip embedded in a clear gel-like strip, or when purchased alone, a simple decal. I'm not really sure how many phones have NFC installed, including an iPhone, but if you do have an Samsung Galaxy S5, its all in the settings.
Simply turn on the NFC (if off, which you can see once in the menu). Apparently that’s what cool about Japanese nail art enthusiasts, especially since NFC technology is already more in use everywhere.  However, if you do have trouble using these, I’m sure you can send an email to OMG Nail Decals or go onto their site, they will be happy to help.
  Of course, you can decorate these however you like, be it with nail polish or decals, or whatever! I decided to use the cute little pink rose decal, which was included in the pack, along with other adorable designs. I decided it would look great with a darker shade of pink and some freehand vines.
If I have one criticism, the decal seemed to lift a little. Especially near my cuticle, and where the nail bed. It pushes back down quite easily, and for a longer use, you can definitely use some nail glue to get them really stuck solid. Maybe if it was a bit more flexible, it might have stayed stuck to my nail much better.
After spending few hours playing with the LED decal, I applied two coats of Essie Super Bossa Nova. Once that was set, I sealed the design with top coat. As for the adhesive, it did not damage my nail in any way. Since, I used a very thin coat of base coat, to protect the nails. 
When it was time to remove the decal, a little residue was left, however, it came off very easily with polish remover. Unfortunately, the LED light sticker seem less to stick on my nails again...so I can't say these are reusable, even though said otherwise. These were super fun to use, and would consider purchasing them to create more designs.
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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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