Jan 18, 2015

New Innovative Gel Manicure Kit: Le Mini Macaron Press Relese

 Hey guys! I have an exciting post for you today! This is super late, but I really think this will be an amazing opportunity to help support an amazing new innovative Gel Manicure Kit called Le Min Macaron. Check out below to see more information and help them to get 150 backers! :)
As of right now, we have 84 backers. You guys are AMAZING for being the first to support us!!! 
We need more backers though so that we can increase our ranking on Kickstarter's website. The more backers and clicks on our page we have, the more VISIBLE we will be on Kickstarter (higher up on the "Popular" page)...which will help more people to see us and support us.
So we are asking for YOUR help to spread the word. Tell your friends about our campaign! If we can get to 150 backers by Tuesday, 12 midnight (Eastern time), we will offer our first 150 backers, a free bottle of gel polish for every kit sold!! This means that for all of you guys that have selected our kits as a reward PLUS all of your friends that you can get to back our campaign AND select a kit as reward (the first 150), you will receive a free gel polish. If you bought 2 kits, you will get 2 bottles. If you selected the "5+1 reward" you will get SIX bottles of gel polish!!!
 Please help us get to 150 backers by Tuesday, 12 midnight (Eastern time) so that we can share this reward with all of you!!!
The key with Kickstarter is that we need as MANY backers as EARLY as possible. This will help our project build momentum. So please ask your friends who want to get a kit to do it NOW so that we can together reach this goal. We are only able to offer this reward if we can reach 150 backers by the deadline.
The free gel polish will be either Strawberry Pink or Lavender Purple. If you ordered the pink kit, we will give you the purple polish. If you ordered the purple kit, you will receive the pink polish.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment on our page and we will get back to you!

Thanks guys!!
Christina & François

What do guys think? Isn't this amazing! I will definitely donate and excited for this new nail product!
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! Let me know in the comments below!