Sep 12, 2014

The Little Lacquer Bean: Nail Vinyls Nail Art + Review

  Hi everyone! Happy Firday! Before I begin this review, I once again will like to thank all of you wonderful readers, for participating my blogs first giveaway. Although all of you are winners in my eyes, Congratulations Katinka (she even has a nail blog Squeaky Nails, so show her some love) for winning! Now for today's post, I have some really cool nail vinyls from The Little Lacquer Bean
  Recently I reviewed Kristine's new indie nail polish collection "Welcome To The Country Fair" (review and swatches here), and I thought to split the post and show guys the vinyls individually. Lately, nail vinyls are very popular in the nail art community. These are super fun and easy to use stencils or guides, that come in various shapes and sizes. 
**Photo and description heavy**
 For this design, I used the relaxed chevron vinyl. This has to be the most popular shape vinyls, since it gives a nice and easy chevron shape. I began by I applying two coats of The Little Lacquer Bean Sweeter Than Sugar, then I sealed the base with a thin coat of top coat.
 Once the polish was completely dry, since I have short nails, I only added three of the chevron vinyls. I Then applied two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and sealed the with top coat. I added white studs to accents the following nails.
This is another favorite for so many nail artist, the single chevron vinyl. Unlike the relaxed chevron, this is obviously, just one chevron. That can be used for v shape half moons or whatever design you desire. For this design, I wanted to do something different. The base is two-three coats Essie Mademoiselle (perfect sheer polish for those negative spaces). 
Once the polish was completely, I added three single chevron vinyls, starting from the middle to the tip of the nails. Then, using a nail art brush, I applied Bonita Salon Peonies Gone Wild and Deborah Lippmann  Autumn In New York. Quickly and carefully, I removed the vinyls, and added a stud in the middle, to accent the nails. I then sealed the design with top coat.
Here is a super fun and unique shape, the wave nail vinyl. It has more of a zig-zag shape creating a wave, and can be used for many different designs. I even used these for an upcoming guest post (sneak peek photo below). The  vinyls were perfect for an under water theme . Even on its own is simple beautiful.
  For the base, I applied two coats of  Julep Bess. Once the polish is dried, I added two wave vinyl, and applied two coats of  The Little Lacquer Bean Goldfish In A Bag. I then seated the design with top coat. 
Under the Sea Nails (keep an eye out for details here).
Here's another unique design! Much like the wave, this known as the relaxed wave. It is much thinner and wider than the regular wave. I have yet to create a design with this vinyl, but I do have some ideas. However to show how they look like,  I went with a more simpler design.
For the base, I applied two coats The Little Lacquer Bean Tractor Pulling, and two coats of Bonita Salon Creaaamson over the nail vinyls. Once I carefully removed them, I sealed the design with top coat.
 Now for the mini wave, think of it as the little sister of the wave vinyl. It is mush smaller than the regular wave shape, giving the nails a unique design. For the design, I began by applying two coats of The Little Lacquer Bean Candy Apple. Once the polish was completely dry I added three of the mini wave vinyls, since my nails are shorter. 
I then applied two coats of Deborah Lippmann  Autumn In New York, I was going for a red and gold theme hehe! Then I, carefully and quickly, removed the vinyls and sealed the design with top coat. Lastly I added a vintage charm from Daily Charme, to accent the nails.
 (Candy Apple Under Flash)
 Overall I really loved these vinyls! They are super cool and fun use. So if your new to the vinyl world and looking for vinyls to purchase, these are a wonderful start. You can purchase their vinyls here on their site for $4.50 for a pack of 100, $9.00 for a pack of 250, and they will also be offering mystery grabs with  random combo of vinyls.
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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
 What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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