Sep 14, 2014

Mani Swap + Day 14: Floral Nails

Hey everyone! Well I can honestly say these challenges are not easy to keep up. However, I am super excited for today's post, with the lovely and talented Paulina from Paulina Passions, if you don't who she is then you most be living in a bubble! She has tons of gorgeous designs, especially her florals...aaamaazing!
Definitely one of my top favorite bloggers, and I was beyond honored that she accepted to do a mani swap with me. Since she was also doing the 31 day challenge (and doing an amazing job), we both decided to do it for today, since the theme is non other: Florals. Very fitting for the floral master! :D
I have to be honest it was very difficult to chose, since she had so many beautiful floral designs. As I was looking through her blog, I've completely fell for her heart and floral design. I remember seeing it and wanting to recreate it, so I guess you can say it was meant to be.
For the base, I began by applying two coats of Revlon Urban, close enough with the base she used. Once the polishes was completely dry, using a detail brush, I freehand circular floral shadows by mixing OPI Alpine Snow creating lighter shade-- with Julep Maddy, Gayle and Bonita by Royal Essence Flaming Juan
Then using the original colors I highlighted the inside of the florals. For the leaves I used China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener.  Now  for the ring finger, using a detailed brush I outlined the heart, and filled the outside spaces with OPI Alpine Snow. Lastly, I sealed the nails with H K Girl Top Coat. I absolutely loved how these came out, I just can't stop looking at them.
Above is Paulina's solo shot. She recreated one of my top favorite designs, and they look amazing on her. She did a beautiful job, she is so talented! I'm so happy to have done this with her, definitely one to follow: 
Blog: Paulina Passions
Instagram: @paulinapassions
Tumblr: Paulina Passions
Facebook: Paulina Passions
Twitter: Paulina Passions
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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