Sep 16, 2014

Born Pretty Store: 12 pcs Pink Nail Art Brush Set Review

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Hey everyone! For today's post I have a 12pcs nail art brush set review, from Born Pretty Store. They have tons of amazing inexpensive nail art tools and accessories. With tons of new arrivals every other week, which is exciting to look through! A few weeks ago I received these assorted brushes, and was anxious to work with them. Like nail polishes, I tend to collect tons of nail art brushes; whether for nail art or for a canvas (yes I like to paint, not sure if I ever will show them off, since I don't think I'm there yet ;).
I have to admit this is my first time I have a set of brushes to use, which I think is perfect for me. Ideal as they're  many different shapes of brushes, through which we are able to create different kinds of decorations. Especially, experimenting with different designs. The sets consist of  11 brushes and 1 dotting tool in a sealed package.
I wanted to try something a little different with this review, I wanted to showcase different designs that can be used. So here are the sets:

Dotting tools are always great for creating the perfect dots, whichever the size. I mostly love to create the smaller versions more, than the larger versions. So this dotting is just perfect for those small dots. Even  circular designs without using a detail brush.

Within the sets are detailed brushes:

This detailed brush is perfect for small detailed designs. I created a leopard print using this brush. I even used this brush for the florals, from my recent mani swap (here). You might want to trim it a little, for more stability.


 This one is slightly similar from the detailed brush (above). As you can see it's little more longer and slimmer. I like to use  this one, for much more larger art work or filling in space. Like my recent mani swap (here), I used this brush to outline the heart and filled in spaces. Shown on the photo, I even created a dripping design, using only this brush.



 Now for the third brush it's a little longer and much more slimmer than the other two. This is perfect to create outlines on a design, circles or even larger art work. There was not need to trim, as the brush is perfect in stability (for me).

 I honestly have no idea what kind of brush this is or the name of it (since it's the first time I'm using it). However this detail brush is angled differently, which is perfect for florals designs, leaves, swirls etc. Shown in the photo, I used this brush to create the sunflowers and the leaves. The dotting tool was perfect for the middle.


The fan brush is, I think, one of the most important brush needed for every beginner or nail artist. In many ways they are great for removing excess glitter or even creating tweed nails (shown in the picture).

Another important brush to have is a stripping brush. I use this brush religiously. The length is long enough to create those perfect long lines (shown in the picture).

 I don't know how would you call this brush, but it is perfect to make those half moon designs (shown in the picture). I even created the bats using the tip of the brush. It also great to use to clean up around the cuticles.

Here's another brush with slightly angular shape, which also can be use for many different art work or even for clean up. For this brush, I freehand a circle for the pumpkin, and added the eyes and leaves using the tip of the brush.

Like the brush above, this brush is much more smaller. Another one that can be used for clean up, or more different nail art work. With this brush, I created some butterflies and dotting tool for the dots.

Lastly, here is another set of flat brushes in two different sizes. It's probably one of the most common brushes seen when creating the one stroke florals. Instead, I wanted to see how well they will be creating some stars. For the base I used the large flat brush to create the gradient (instead of a make up sponge). Then with the stars I used the smaller version and add dots with the dotting tool. 

 Overall I really enjoyed using these bushes, and will be creating more nail designs using them. Its very important to keep the caps on all of the brushes. These are really good from keeping the brushes straight whilst storing them. 

You can purchase the 12pcs pink nail art brush set for $9.99. Receive 10% off your Born Pretty Store order with my coupon code: ADBQ10 and free shipping worldwide.
**Products were provided for honest review. Please see disclosure policy for more information.**
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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