Aug 13, 2014

Super Black 2014 Neon Collection + Nail Art

 Hello everyone! I've been crazy busy, and my computer is holding up fine lately. I just hope I don't have another melt down, when they don't turn on again. Any-who, for today's post I'm super excited to show you guys some really awesome polishes, from Super Black Nail Lacquer (one of my favorite indie brands!) For the summer they introduced not one...not two..but seven incredibly neon polishes.
 And I looove neon's! It's so bright and unique, and this collection is definitely that! I can't explain how many neon's I have,  and these were absolutely amazing. The colors are just perfect for the summer, especially the ones with the glitters. So lets get to it:
  Yellowjacket- is a neon yellow crelly with tons of transparent black hexagon and round glitters, throughout the polish. Normally, some neon polishes are very gloppy and thick. However, the formula on this polish was smooth and easy to apply.  This is definitely unique and captivating. As for the application I did apply a white base, however, also tried it without. Opaque without undies, you will need three coats. Nonetheless, this is two coats-- with one coat of white, sealed with top coat. 
Freaky- has to be one of my favorite shades in the collection (although I love them all)! It's such a unique neon green crelly with tons of purple round glitters, throughout the polish. I was pretty amazed how smooth it was easy to apply. Definitely no underwear needed here, which was a plus! This is just three coats,  sealed with top coat. 
Rinse + Repeat- is white base cruelly with tons of transparent magenta glitters, throughout the polish. The formula never disappoints, especially with amount of glitters in the polish. Since the polish is sheer, I only applied a thin coat of white polish, for the base. I then applied two coats of Rinse + Repeat, sealed with top coat. 
 Flash Bastard- Say helllooo to my new favorite orange neon. Words can not describe how neon this polish is...I think I'll let the photo speak for itself! The formula on this polish was amazing. I was expecting it to be thick as most neon polishes tend to be, but no it was smooth to apply. Definitely no underwear needed. This is three coats,  sealed with top coat.
 Screamer- Aaaahhh I love you! This has to be my top neon hot pink on my list. It was love at first sight! It is so bright and perfect for the summer... heck I'll wear this year round. It just pops! The formula was smooth and easy to apply. No need for that white base, this is three coats sealed with top coat. 
 Purple- is a deep neon purple creme. The name describes it perfectly. It is definitely a purple and bright shade. Depending on the lighting, it can be very light or dark the next. It's definitely a beautiful color. The formula on this polish is completely smooth and easy to apply. No need for that white base, this is three coats sealed with top coat. 
Wet- one of my faves! I'm sucker for blue shades both matter the brand. This is a very beautiful blue crime, with a subtle of turquoise blue. Like Purple, it all depends in the lighting, looking light or dark. With just a coat over a white base, it will look more of a turquoise neon. The formula on this polish is completely smooth and easy to apply. No need for that white base, this is three coats sealed with top coat. 
As for the nail art, I was eying on The Nailasaurus streaky watercolor design she introduced us, to the nail art community. And wanted to see how they would look with theses beautiful neon's. I honestly was pleasantly happy how these look, and the color combinations looks amazing together. If your interested in seeing a tutorial on these, let me know. 
 Overall, the polishes are absolutely amazing! This is by far my favorite shades from Super Black Lacquer. The formula was perfect, and on each and every one, I had no difficulties on application. For the most part, I was pleasantly surprised how I really didn't need a white base, on most, for the neon's to "pop". The results were flawless.
 Super Black Nail Lacquer retail $12.00 each. These are definitely a must have!

Soon I will be hosting a giveaway soon on instagram, and the lucky winner will be getting the full set, along with two other brands. More details will be up on my instagram.

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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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