Jul 24, 2014

Leopard Charm and Half Moon Nails

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Hey everyone! Hope all of you had a lovely week! I forgot to mention, for the past few weeks I have been visiting family in Puerto Rico, and have been spending most of my days everywhere. It has been really crazy lately, weather wise. Rain, rain and more rain! So I was lucky enough to have nail art to post up while I am here.  
Most of them were done before me leaving the States, and written before I forget what to say...haha! I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who does this! Lucky for me, I have enough polishes to play with here. So for today's post, I did a little something simple and "wild.
  My family and I are going to the zoo today. So in light of this trip, I wanted to use one of my leopard nail charms (which I haven't used yet) from Daily Charme. I even wanted to combine it with Renaissance Cosmetics Spadina. The combination was just perfect, and fits well with each other. 
  I began by applying two coats of Renaissance Cosmetics Spadina. I absolutely love this color, and the application was super easy to apply (you can also check my full review I did here). Once the polish was completely dry, using a nail art brush, I freehand a half moon 'spike" or "crown" (I really don't know how to call it?!...haha)-- with black acrylic paint.
  I then added leopard prints above the half moon to go with the theme. As for the charm, I applied top coat (for one day wear), and added the charm using tweezers. Lastly, I sealed the design with H K Girl Top Coat, that's it! Overall the colors and the leopard charm looks amazing together, and I really loved how it turned it out. Seriously check out Daily Charme for some awesome charms! ; D
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today!
 What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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