Jul 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!

  Hi everyone! Happy Fourth of July! It's been crazy raining lately, and I truly hope it doesn't today. I really would love to see Macy's fireworks, live this year. I love fireworks!! :D Before the nightly event, I would be spending some quality time with family in NYC. So of-course, I had to recreaate my nails to match my shirt today.
 I couldn't help but noticed everyone doing the same design, and I truly didn't want to do something that was usual. So I love this American Flag tank design I saw on Deb, which is what I will be wearing today. I'm always getting inspired by the things I see and wear! :D
I began by applying two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, for the base. Once the polish was completely dry, I was thinking of using stripping tape to form the lines, but I really have bad luck when it comes to them.
So I decided to freehand each of them. I started with the "V" using a mixture of Essie Strut your Stuff  and Chills and Thrills. I then lightly dabbed, with white polish, using a small piece of makeup sponge.
 Once that was set, using a detail brush I added a few stars. Then using a detailed brush, I freehand the stripes using Essie Tiny Wine-ey. Instead of adding some studs I had in mind or small glitters, I decided to had dots with Essie No Place Like Chrome using a dotting tool.
Lastly, I sealed the design with H K Girl Top Coat. Overall, I loved how these came out. It's completely different, and it matches my T'. Hope everyone has a lovely Fourth, and for those who are not celebrating have a wonderful weekend!!
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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