Jul 6, 2014

Essie Too Taboo Neon Collection 2014 Swatches & Review

 **Purchased by Me**
  Hey Everyone! I have for you swatches of Essie Too Taboo Neon 2014 Collection. It's probably too late to show these beauties, but I couldn't resist to post them up today. I love how vibrant and colorful they all look and I was seriously tempted on getting my hands on them. I try really hard not to get carried away by getting the rest of the colors on a collection.
But when it comes to nail polish or Essie I have a weakness, especially when looking at these vibrant colors. Although I can't count on the formula, they were definitely streaky. Like most neon's, I recommend the white base first. This way the colors can pop, especially with their jelly like consistency. And a top coat for that glossy look, without it, the polishes dries with a matted finish. Let's get to it:
 Too Taboo- it's described as a "vivid intense fuchsia"crelly, and it is vivid. Fuchsia has become the most popular color for this year, and I can see why. It's such a beautiful color! Although it's on the streaky side, I do recommend one thin coat of white polish as the base. This is three coats, sealed with top coat. 
Chills & Thrills- I have to honestly say this is my favorite color of all on the collection. Its is a vibrant blue violet creme. It looks more like a purple, which varies in lighting, than a blue. Nonetheless, I'm pleasantly happy with the formula on this polish. It wasn't streaky and the application was easy to apply. I would recommend a white base, so the color can pop. This is two coats, sealed with top coat. 
 Vices Versa is a lime green crelly and is described by Essie as "a juicy flawless green". However the formula on this polish was a little bit sheer and streaky. Nonetheless, the application was easy to apply. I would recommend a white base, so the color can pop. This is four coats, sealed with top coat.
  I'm AddictedSecond favorite shade on this collection, since it's my favorite color. Essie describes it as "neon aquamarine blue" crelly. I think it is best described more of a jelly consistency than a creme. This is was a definite a sheer polish, and application was a little tough. I applied at least three coats for full coverage, sealed with top coat. 
Sittin' Pretty- is a lavender crelly and it is describe by Essie as "the florescent berry hibiscus" crelly. Much like the others the formula on this polish was bit streaky, but the application was fairly easy to apply. I definitely recommended a white base, for this polish. The lavender pops a lot more other than alone. This is three coats, sealed with top coat.
Serial Shopper - It's soo peachy! Although Essie describes it "fluorescent fire coral" crelly. It somewhat reminds me of Resort Fling, from their Resort Collection. The formula on this polish was not bad at all. I did try it alone, without the white base, it was streaky and difficult to level. As on a white base, application was similar without the base. This is three coats, sealed with top coat.
Overall the colors are captivating and gorgeous for the summer! However if you are like me, who doesn't mind the formula, well these are great to have within your Essie collection. These are even perfect if you own last years neon collection, great for an ombre designs. Application on some was fairly easy, and as I described in the beginning, without the top coat they all dry with a matted finish. I do recommend top coat for that glossy finish.
 Most of the polishes did vary in lighting (honestly, I felt like some blog swatches were a bit darker than what they really look like, but that's just me!) ツ Neon's will forever be the most difficult to photograph. If you want to compare accuracy, check out All Lacquered Up swatches, hers were best in showing and similar to mine.

Essie nail polish retail for $8.50 each. They are now available at salons and retailers nationwide. Also, online at Target.comBeauty.com  and Cutandblow.com
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**Polishes purchased by me**
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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