Jun 9, 2014

Cherry Nails

 **Nothing to Disclose**
 Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! (maybe for most...hehe) During the weekend my sister and I went to our favorite farm in NJ called Battlefield and Orchid Country Market and Bakery. They seriously, have to be one of our favorite places to go for some fruit & vegetable picking.
It was soo much fun, I always come out there with some great stuff. So in light of picking some fruits, I wanted to create a little nail art design fruit inspired. For a while I've had this cute little pattern saved on my computer, so I decided to use it for my next inspiration.
 I think the color combination was what drew to me to replicate this design. I'm a sucker for the color blue. And whole design itself was completely different from what I've seen many girls have done. 
 I began by applying two coats of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. This was actually the only blue shade I had in my collection that matched precisely of the background.Normally I wouldn't use acrylic paint, but I just received a new set of paints for my birthday and wanted to use them. 
I added a few dots with white acrylic paint, red for the cherry and black for the stems. Lastly, I sealed the design with H K Girl Top Coat, that's it! Overall, I loved how these came out. I couldn't believe I had accomplished it to look almost alike the photo. These were a great accent for a wonderful week. 
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today!
 What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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