Jun 27, 2014

Besties Twins Nails: Cherry Blossoms & Butterflies

  Hello everyone! Today I have a really cute and lovely Besties Twins Nails with the talented and sweet Anhy from Miss. Love2807. I was really excited when she asked me to do a Besties Twins Nails with her! She has an incredible blog and nails to follow. She is definitely one to follow on all of her other socials, she even has a YouTube!
 I was browsing, as per usual, on Pinterest as saw this cute vase with intricate details of cherry blossoms and butterflies. I honestly, didn't know how I was going to recreate it, but it was worth a try and loved the end results.
This design had to be the most complicated nail art I ever done. The florals were so intricate, it was definitely difficult to recreate. For the base, I began by applying two coats of  OPI My Vampire is Buff.
Once the polish was completely dry, I applied a thin coat of top, since I will be using acrylic paint for the details.This helps when making an error, I can easily ease it with alcohol and clean-up brush. I free-handed the the branch with brown acrylic pint and the cherry blossoms with an off white and blue acrylic paint.
 For the leaves, I used green acrylic paint, and the butterflies with a mixture I created using pink and purple. Lastly, I sealed the design with H K Girl Top Coat, that's it! Overall, I loved how these came out.
 Above is the solo shot of Anhy's design, and they look amazing! She did a beautiful job! I was so happy to have done this with her, she is such a talented artist and blogger. ;D
 You can also follow her here: 
Blog: Miss.Love2807
Instagram: nailove2807
YouTube: nailove2807
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today!
 What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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