May 18, 2014

Born Pretty Store: Gold Holographic Foil Review

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Hey lovely readers! Sorry for not posting for so long, I have been sick lately, due to the weather change! So since I am now getting back on track, I have some review for you guys today, gold holographic nail foils, from Born Pretty Store. They have all kinds of nail art supplies and accessories. 
Truthful, this is, actually, the first time I ever tried out nail foils. So this was an exciting to test out. I was really attracted to the holographic gold foil. It's holo was very colorful and what I liked, most.
When I received the foils, these came in package sealed with one long sheet. This set is the #63, which is the gold holographic foils. Now I do know when, applying foils, there is a adhesive foil glue. However, since this was the first time, I applied base coat instead. 
For this look I wanted more of a black and white theme, that why the holographic foils was the focus of the design. For the base, I applied two coats of Alpine Snow. With a stripping tape I created a triangle for the foil. I then applied, one coat of base coat, to create the tacky surface. 
I was pleasantly surprised how easy the foils were easy to apply. By cutting a small piece,  I lightly tapped the foil onto the tacky base. With a stripping brush, I added to lines on the side, using black acrylic paint and a black triangle stud ( Which I purchased on Nail Art Queens).
Now for this look, I added two pieces of tape, so the middle was spaced for the foil. Once the base coat was tacky enough, I tapped lightly the foil. I then, freehanded the lace, with a detail brush using black acrylic paint and I added a few dots. 
Now I for one had read that top coat shrinks foils easily. So I decide for safe keeping, I applied a thin coat of top coat around the foils. Now this will only last for one day, as the foil did come out the next day. So I've considered to purchase nail foil glue, the next time I use these. 
You can now purchase their assorted foils on their site here for .99 cents.
**Products were provided for honest review. Please see disclosure policy for more information.**
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! What do you guys think?
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