May 3, 2014

Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter

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Hi guys! For todays post, I would like to introduce you to Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter. I for one, can't help describe the scent. It smells ammmaaazing!! With a combination of coconut and mango scent (which is my favorite scent of all time!), this nail nourishing butter helps fight against dry and aging nail beds.
 I mostly use Burt's Bees to moisturizes my cuticles and nails, so I was really excited to start using something different and new. And this was different and new! I am now completely obsessed! :D
When I received the nail butter, it came in a package. When opened, the nail butter is in beautiful 15 ml in-cased yellow jar. Once opened it is completely sealed with aluminum. 
 The coconut/mango is a rich nourishing cream and soaks in really nicely and fast when applied to the nail and cuticles. The consistency is not too greasy or solid, ideal for easy application. With a small amount, massage with your fingers on the nail area. 
And don't feel discourage the 15 ml packaging will be sufficient for along time. Overall, I have been using this nourishing butter, since Easter! And I love it! Not for the smell, but how healthy it makes my nails and cuticles look. You will love carrying it around with you!
Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter retails $25.00 on their site here
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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
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