Apr 10, 2014

Sammy Dress: Dried Flowers Review

**Products Provided**
Hey Readers! It was such a beautiful day today! So sunny and breezy, just the way I like it! Spring is definitely my favorite season. And speaking of "Spring", I have for you some spring like nails today. Just recently I was contacted by Sammy Dress to do some nail art reviews for them. They sell variety of things and now are branching to nail art. 
So of-course I said yes and here I have some real dried florals. I've never used any sort of dried florals before and was a little scared to do so, but I thought way not try it out. It's also now becoming very popular to use for this season, and was very pleased with the results.
Before I get to the design, below are the florals I received. Intentionally, I did not chose these. I assumed I was going to receive the one pictured on their site; but I can honestly say these were so much cuter. In the package you'll receive 12 dried flowers ranging in different colors.  
They all come individually in small sealed containers. Which is perfect as the flowers are not mixed with each other and ideal when you done using the florals, you can save other little things in there. ;D
For the design, I couldn't wait to use my new Floss Gloss spring collection, I purchased. I was even excited to find colors that matched with some of the dried flowers. So I knew it was mean't to be! :D
For the base I used, two coats of Floss Gloss Wet for the forefinger and pinky and two coats of Biscuits. Once that was set, I added two dots on top of Floss Gloss Wet. I then added dots on top of Biscuits, for where I will place the dried florals
It's very important to let the polish dry first, for the dried florals to be placed. I applied a small amount of top coat and with a tweezer I added the florals, carefully. A petal will defiantly brake, if not handled with care. 
So I lightly pressed the petals down and then applied another coat of  Duri- Super Fast Dry Through Top Coat. I really loved how these came! I was surprised how the florals managed to stay in place. You can purchase these beauties for $3.85 on Sammy Dress.com.
**Products were provided for honest review. Please see disclosure policy for more information.**
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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