Apr 13, 2014

Red Nautical Nails + Tutorial

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Hello! It is definitely feeling like summer today, at 80 degrees! This is so bizarre even for New Jersey! So in the light of the weather, I decided to do a Nautical theme nails using this gorgeous red shade by AAspire Nail Lacquer. Recently I did a review, in which you can check out here
This the first summer theme nails I ever did, seriously! But I love how these came out and wanted to share you guys how to recreate these. Hopefully, you guys it! XD

Products I used: 
Step by Step:
 Step 1: Apply two coats of AAspire Nail Lacquer - Brody. Draw a single line on the middle of the nail ring finger, with white acrylic paint (which you can purchase in Sammy Dress.com, their perfect if you don't want to purchased large amounts of acrylic paint.)
 Step 2: With white acrylic paint, using a nail art brush, freehand two vertical line outlines, and fill them in. For the anchor, freehand the bottom a large "C". Add an arrow at the end and a pointer on the bottom.
 Step 3: Draw a line on top of the anchor and add two small dots on the side. Then add a large dot on top.
Step 4: Add the gold studs on the sides and on the top of the anchor. Also add small red dots on the smaller white dots. Lastly, seal the designs with Duri- Super Fast Dry Through Top Coat.
At first I was considering in making a video for instagram (since that is now the biggest trend on there!), but I created this pictorial first and thought why not share it with you guys! ;D
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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