Feb 25, 2014

Leopard Flag Nails

Whats up everyone! Happy Tuesday! Starting off the week with a really cute nail art inspiration. Who doesn't love a simple leopard print! It is super easy to do and great to start when your a beginner. Any-who as usual I was browsing online, for some inspiration. And of course I stumbled on Society 6 (seriously lovvvvee this site!).
 They have tons of ideas I go blind with inspiration! :D So I saw this specific design call the Leopard National Flag (odd name for it, but to each his own). I automatically knew I had a design I wanted to create. So let get to it: 

I was planning on creating, the design, with the same colors as the picture; however I opted out with a lighter shade. For the base I applied two coats of Cocktails & Coco
Once dry, for the nails with the stripes, I added a small piece of tape in the middle. This separates the two colors and helps straighten the lines. Normally I would freehand, with a long stripping brush; but I was little lazy. I also realized, on the last minute, I could have used a stripping tape; to separate the middle also. 
Towards the sides I applied one coat of Floss Gloss Wavepool and Pony. Of-course I couldn't resist my Floss Gloss, definitely one of my favorite indie brands out there. The leopard print was pretty simple to do. With a small detailing brush I drew small "c's" and spots on the nails, to create the design. I used Floss Gloss Black Holy.
 Overall I loved how they came out. The color combination was pretty much what I expected. The bright and nude shade can coexist. I definitely will be recreating this design, maybe a little differently! :)
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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