Feb 18, 2014

Essie Resort 2014 Swatches & Review

**Purchased by Me**
Hey guys! Although I wasn't really planning on showing my swatches today. I am always weiry about my nail swatches. But since I pretty much taken these photos, why not show it to guys. These are Essie's new 2014 Resort Collection. I was super excited too finally purchase them. I definitely did not hesitate to buy these. They had me first sight! So let get to it:
Cocktails & Coco: This is gorgeous sandy nude, with a fine silver and pink shimmers throughout the base. I completely love this color. I can definitely say I have plenty of nude bases and all seem to be similar from one and other. However, this one can be a little different with the small amount of shimmers. Although I was a little disappointed how the shimmers did not appear on my nails. But it is a perfect nude if you don't own any. This is three thin coats for full coverage, with top coat.
Find Me An Oasis: My favorite all time color is baby blue. So obviously this is one of my favorite colors of the collection. While applying on the nails this polish was streaky, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. The first coat was very uneven, but on the second coat builds up nicely. Make sure that you give extra dry time between coats; you shouldn't have a problem with it. This is two coats, with top coat. 
Under the Twilight: Okay I have to be honest, Under The Twilight was main reason why I  purchased this collection and Resort FlingThe formula in this polish is crazy good. This is dark indigo creme, which really depends on how you look at it. Sometimes it looks more like a purple or dark shade of blue. Either way it is perfect and absolutely one of my favorites. This is two coats, with top coat. You can definitely get away with one coat. 
Resort Fling: I was really looking forward to this shade because it reminded me of delicious looking papaya! However, I was little disappointed with the formula of this polish. I think it is best described more of a jelly consistency than a creme. This is was a definite a sheer polish; applying it on the nails was a little difficult. Although I will not give up on this color, I applied at least four coats for full coverage. :/
Overall the formulas on this collection was sadly a disappointment, well expect for one at least. However, if the consistency of the formula doesn't bother you, you definitely wouldn't be disappointed with the colors. Although the nude I can do without! ;D

Essie nail polish retail for $8.00 each. They are now available at salons and retailers nationwide. Also, online at Target.comBeauty.com & Cutandblow.com
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Hope all of you enjoyed my post today!
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