Dec 29, 2013

Then & Now: Pink Winter Sweater

Hi Guys! It' been an incredible year! For today's post I thought to recreate nails I've done a year ago. These were my winter sweater nails I did to match my grey boots I wore for the holidays. The pink was to brighten up my whole assemble. 
Since were almost close to 2014, I want to do a Now and Then post. I can't believe how much I've improved over a year! Of course I need to improve a little more, since I would like to do more creative art work on my nails, the difference is quite noticeable. So lets get to the beauties: 

As you can see below, I really outdid myself. My nails were a lot shorter and at the time I was trying to improve my nail care routine. This time I wanted all the nails to have the same base color. I do remember last year I wanted to practice my lines, which is why I did the whole tribal like sweater.
  However, this time I wanted more of a sweater feel. First for the base, I applied two coat of Sally Hansen Speedy Burst. This is my favorite hot pink of theirs and I love how quickly it dries. For the design, I used Essie's Cashmere Bathrobe to draw each of the details using a nail art brush. I really enjoyed creating each of the details, especially the snowflake pattern. It's not perfect, but it's an improvement.
Lastly, I then sealed the designs with Duri- Super Fast Dry Through Top Coat, that's it! Overall I really loved how these came out. Most of all the color combinations were my favorite. :)
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
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