Oct 26, 2013

32 Flavors Nail Candy Swatches & Review

**Products Provided**
Hello Readers! For today's post I have swatches from a new Indie brand called 32 Flavors Nail Candy. They will be launching soon on November 29th, 2013, Black Friday. I was honored to be one of the first swatchers to review their collection called "It Was All a Dream". 
Let me tell you, the colors are absolutely beautiful! I completely fell for the whole collection and had tons of ideas for Fall nail art. So here it is: 
Hell on Heels: This is a gorgeous vibrant red and one of my favorites. What I love about this polish is how opaque it is with one coat and the small specs of shimmer. This is one coat sealed with top coat. 
Holy Grail: It's not a surprise how much I love glitter and I absolutely love this glitter. The large and small glitters that are suspended in a clear polish, which you can use alone or as a top coat. However, it does get a little thick after awhile, add a small amount of nail polish thinner so it will become smooth. This is one coat over Hell on Heels & three coats alone, sealed with top coat. 

Blurred Lines: This is my second favorite color of the collection. It's a beautiful royal blue opaque with small specs of shimmer. This is one coat, sealed with top coat.
Power Trip: This is a beautiful green that reminded me of grass and falling leaves. It's a great color for the Fall. This is completely opaque with small specs of shimmer. You can get a way with one coat, however, this is two coats, sealed with top coat. 
Love on Top: This is such a vibrant orange that is completely opaque with small specs of shimmer. I have tones of nail art ideas for this color, pumpkins being one them! :) This is one coat, sealed with top coat. 
Brown Sugar: I love the name of this polish! I'm not really a big fan of the color brown, they remind me of poop...haha! But this a great color for those who love a little shimmer in their brown, like me! It's also great for those Fall themed nail art. You can definitely get away with one coat of this shade, since it's completely opaque. This is two coats, sealed with top coat.
For a debuted nail polish brand and collection, I have to say the polishes were great and their formula was mostly smooth. I really loved how each polish had specs of shimmer, making them even more beautiful in person!
Not yet released, however, they will be debuted on Nov. 29th at their site:
32 Flavor Nail Candy 
Follow on Instagram for any updates & giveaway their hosting. Three lucky winners will win this entire collection!
**Products provided for honest review**
Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below! Have a Nice Weekend!
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