Sep 17, 2013

Essie 2013 Fall Collection Swatches

**Purchased by Me**

Hey Everybody! Fall is arriving and it's arriving fast! So why not show you Essie's Fall 2013 Collection. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to buy these, since I'm into bright colors more, but I gave into buying them. I'm a sucker for discounted nail polishes! ;) 
In the beginning I wasn't really impressed from the bottle. However, some of the colors were beautiful, while the others were okay. The colors were inspired by textures of fabric's, hence the name of the polishes. 
*Warning: some of the shades are little lighter in the photo.*
So here it is:

After School Boy Blazer: is a really dark blue creme. Unfortunately it is, actually, darker than the photo. With three coats of this shade, it can contrast to an almost black polish. The formula of this polish was perfect, with one coat, you have full coverage. This is one coat, sealed with top coat. 
Vested Interest: This is a lovely teal green creme. This is my favorite and I can see why! This is just a perfect color for the fall. This is one coat, sealed with top coat. 
Cashmere Bathrobe: This is my second favorite. It's a gorgeous grey creme with sliver shimmers. Without any art work, the polish is perfect! It's another wonderful shade for the fall. This is two coats, sealed with top coat.
For The Twill of It: This is a multi-chrome, shade shifting metallic, radiates in teal and magenta. I wasn't really impressed. I felt this is a typical color, that has been used multiple times, from other polish brands. This is, of-course, very pretty. However, with a few brush strokes, left some streaking, which was an issue. This is two coats, sealed with top coat. 
The Lace Is On: this is a beautiful vivid fuchsia shimmer,with sliver shimmers. It wasn't captivating to me on the bottle, but once applied to the nail, it was quite beautiful. It literally glows. The shimmery affect of the polish makes up for it. It is definitely, better looking in person. This is two coats, sealed with top coat. 

Twin Sweater Set: is a crimson red creme. This was absolutely, my favorite color out of all the collection. At first, assumed it was jelly when I saw the bottle, but it was beautiful smooth and opaque. The formula of this polish was perfect, with one coat, you have full coverage. Like many red polish's, I believe, it's quite difficult with removal, with staining around the cuticles and nail. So be caution when removing this polish. The key I like to do, is apply two to three coat of base coat. This is two coats, sealed with top coat.
In general, the polishes were great. I was surprised on how much I enjoyed them. The formula was perfect, in certain shades. Definitely have some plans for most of them. 
Essie nail polish retail for $8.00 each. They are now available at salons and retailers nationwide. Also, online at &
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What do you guys think?
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