Jul 21, 2013


Hey Everybody, this is my first post in Magnifique Nails (Duh since there is no other post on here, lol). First and foremost, I would like to welcome you guys to my newly blog, please bear with me since I'm getting the hang on this ;). But most importantly, this blog is for those who have the same inspiration and the love they have in being creative with their nails, whether novice or intermediate.
For now here are some recent nail designs I created for my Tumblr (magnifiquenails.tumblr.com):
Splatter Nails I did handed painted each with a small nail art brush.
 Summery Glitter Nails. I wanted to do a little something different this summer, I had many people tell me these nails reminded them of mermaids. I guess it does, but I sure love how the glitter shines in the sun! :)
So, stay tune for some more post and pictures. Keep calm and paint your nails!!!